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After we discussed reviews about the Youtube Premium application, now when we discuss what are the excellent features provided by this developer, friend, take a look at this, friend.

1. Background Playback

The first feature provided in the Youtube Premium application is Background Playback.

So this feature is actually really needed if you use it through a smartphone, friend.

Because you can still play videos while opening other applications. It’s very different, bro, from the original application.

In the original application, you will not be able to use other applications while playing videos via Youtube because the video will automatically stop.

What’s more, when you are watching a video suddenly a chat comes in, you have to stop the video first and then open the chat application, it’s very complicated, friend.

Unlike the premium version of the application, this will not happen when you are cool to watch videos via Youtube.

2. Dark Mode

When you are already using this application, you can choose one of the two modes provided, namely dark mode and light mode.

This dark or light mode will help you adjust the lighting that will make you comfortable when using this application.

It aims to maintain the health of our eyes when watching videos every day, friend.

Because in addition to making you uncomfortable, too bright light will threaten the health of your eyes.

So you can use the application according to the light conditions when playing the video you want.

3. Play Video Any Time

For example, if you like to play a song that is currently popular and want to play it many times automatically, you really need this feature.

You simply set the time and which video you want to play without having to select it first.

You may not find this feature in other similar applications. Because this is the only Youtube Premium application that has this feature.

Youtube as the first application that provides video shows and makes the latest breakthroughs to maintain its performance.

The main thing is not only for entertainment, this YouTube application can be used to collect income, friends.

Even though it’s not easy to be able to earn as big as YouTube, which is famous today, but at least we can still earn money, friend.

4. HD Mode Every Video

Videos that are displayed in the Youtube Premium Apk application will help you get high-quality video shows.

A very clear video display will certainly make us comfortable when we see it. You can choose this resolution according to your needs when using the application.

Videos uploaded by youtubers are also required to be full HD resolution coupled with the features available in this application, so you can see ultra HD shows.

What are you waiting for, you should immediately try all the features available in the latest Youtube Premium Apk application, friend.

I have prepared the download link for those of you who want to use it, so you don’t have to look for other sites, friend.

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