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Now for friends who don’t know what the features are in this application, you can see the discussion below.

1. Faster And Stable

Whatsapp lite itself can guarantee that the application is far more secure, fast and stable. Because there are several WhatsApp mod applications that experience unstable problems, which means that sometimes they like to crash or other problems often occur.

Not only that, but there is a possibility of getting banned because it is not safe. Now in this application you don’t have to worry about that anymore. because this application can be ascertained will always be stable, fast and safe to use.

2. More Private

The level of privacy in this application is also very high. The level of privacy even touches down to personal chat, group level, to contact management. If there is a chat that demands privacy, then you can lock it.

3. Anti Banned

For those of you who have felt blocked on other modified applications, then in this WhatsApp lite application you can minimize the risk of being banned.

This happened because the developer of the WhatsApp Mod application had promised that WhatsApp lite would always follow the latest updates through the official application, including the matter of privacy policies to minimize being banned on the user’s WhatsApp account.

4. Can Write Longer Status

Until now, the original version of WhatsApp only provides 139 characters for status. Should not be more. This must be really annoying, right? therefore most people are tired of using the original WhatsApp application.

However, don’t worry because by using this WhatsApp lite application, there are 250 characters that you can write in the status.

Therefore, as we explained above, this application is superior to the original WhatsApp version.

5. More Emoji Options

For those of you who like to send messages or chat expressively, then this feature is very fun to use.

Especially if the role of emoji is very important for chatting. If on original whatsapp, the number of emojis will also be very limited.

To use certain emojis in the original WhatsApp application, you must download and also need to make a purchase first. You can also use a modified version of WhatsApp to overcome this.

In this modified whatsapp application you can download it for free without the need to make a payment.

6. Downloading Status Easier

In this application you can also download other people’s status even easier and faster way. As you already know, the original whatsapp can’t do that.

Because there is no feature of the ability to download other people’s whatsapp status on official whatsapp. However, it is in this whatsapp lite application. In this application you can also download with one click because there is a button.

7. Can Share Status

You can share other people’s status and your own status more easily. Even just by using one button, you can also share the status in groups or to personal contacts.

However, not in the original WhatsApp application, because the features in the regular version of the application are very limited.

8. Sending Large Files

For those of you who use the WhatsApp application for work, which of course needs to send some very large files, then WhatsApp Aero is the right application for you to use.

Because by using this application, you can send files with a size of approximately 1 GB in one delivery.

Not only that, but you can also send image and video files with the original quality and resolution without having to compress them.

9. Sending Large Files

Whatsapp lite also has the ability to backup and recover information on your account. So if later if suddenly your cellphone hangs or this application has a problem, then you don’t have to worry about losing chat history or data in chat.

10. Free to Send WA Messages

Sounds normal right? but this feature is very valuable because you can freely send WhatsApp messages to numbers that you haven’t even saved. If the WA is original then it requires you to save the number first before you can send messages.

By using Soula WA, you don’t need to do that anymore. You only need to write the number, then you can send the message directly.

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