Racing Rivals Mod Apk

Here are some features of Racing Rivals that are available for you Mod APK users.

Live opportunities, real competition

Racing Rivals can challenge other users in the game lobby or you can challenge your opponent directly by changing gears during the race and using live chat.

High stakes

High stakes must be achieved with a lot of skill. Otherwise, you have to be prepared to lose the money or the car. There is so much at stake with real risks.

There are weekly events

Weekly competitions consist of controlling the city and also receiving bonuses and gems. There are also exclusive gifts you can receive, cars that no one else can buy, wrapped in patterns that no one else has seen before.

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Officially Licensed Car

Racing Rivals APK Hack presents a huge collection of licensed cars that range from exotic tones to classic American muscle. The selected brands are McLaren, Subaru, Dogde, Mitsubishi, Ford, RWB, Scion, BMW, Acura and SRT with various routes.

Optimize, update and Customize

With hundreds of power parts in thousands of combinations, you can find the optimal tone for their car. From the air filter to the crankshaft, the performance of the player’s car is affected.

Improve the game by adding NOS, Supercharger or Turbo, custom rims from the biggest players like Volk Racing, Pacer and SSR and original Nitto tires.

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Features of Racing Rivals Mod APK

  • • Auto start
  • • Auto NOS
  • • Unlimited Turbo
  • • Unlimited compressors
  • • Unlimited video views
  • • always-on enhancer
  • • No engine load
  • • No engine damage.
  • • crazy grip
  • • Advertising rewards are always gems
  • • Cheat detection removed
  • • The locked system has been removed