Pou Mod Apk

To play this game, of course, you need help from various features that might make you feel comfortable.

You can use it when you know every function of the various features provided by this application.

Feeding Pou

You can feed Pou according to his mood which will make him feel very full.

If he likes it, he will become a big pet and make his body very stocky.

This grown Pou can make him an adorable pet, and miraculously the food he eats will soon run out.

Then he can eat again all kinds of food that is available in the lining of the cupboard beside his chubby body.

For this mod version pou will never run out of food supplies he has because he has unlimited stocks.

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Unlike the official version of the game, you have to collect coins to provide various foods that are no longer available.

Your Pou will have the opportunity to receive his favorite food without fear of running out of stock he has.

Can Change Color

Pou that is usually played has a color like skin color or mokka which is adorable, big eyes.

It has a small mouth but has a very large stomach load that makes it more bulky when it eats a lot.

In addition to the hobby of eating, pou can also change the color of his body. With a wide choice of colors to use.

You can use any color that can be your favorite, so when you see pou you feel like you’re with your favorite color.

If you want to return this pou to a neutral color from the pou, you can also return it to a neutral look.

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Bathing Pou

Another thing that can be done is when you use the feature to bathe an exhausted pou.

When the body is dirty and has lots of stains, you can clean it using the various toiletries available.

This bathing activity also has steps that have been arranged so that you can easily wait for the bath to finish.

You can clean all the stains with all the steps that you have to follow in sequence and not just random.

Playing games

The Pou that you have can direct you to activities, namely playing games in the game, and there are lots of games provided.

You can play all these games to collect coins that will be useful for you later.

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Can be used as entertainment when you do all the existing activities and give coins for your pou account.

Unlimited Coins

For the official version this coin is used to exchange food stock or various items that are not unlocked.

You can unlock these locked items using the coins you collect according to your needs.

Does not apply to games played using this mod version, because this game has unlocked all items.

And the coins you have have been made unlimited so they will never run out even though you always use them.

No matter how much you use these coins, you will not run out of stock of coin deposits in this account.