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Before sharing the download link of this application, we will give you a discussion about what the features of this application are.

Of course you don’t need this information, to increase your interest in this Novo Live Apk.

The following below are complete features that you will certainly find when you have successfully installed this application.

No Ads

While watching live idols or people you follow on this Novo Live Apk application, you will never find any ads.

Because this application has blocked ad impressions that want to appear every time there is a live opportunity so you won’t be disturbed.

You can watch the live until it’s finished without being disturbed by advertisements which usually contain promotional elements.

From this application, you can find new idols, the majority of whom live in China, which has a big influence everywhere.

So it is recommended that you have a little skill to know what they are talking about, but if you just want to see their beautiful face, that’s enough.

You don’t need to learn a bit of their language if all you see is their beauty and you don’t need their conversation.

Unlimited Live Duration

With this application, every user who holds a live will not be limited to the duration of the live, meaning you can live for 24 hours.

You can live by giving daily stories that become your daily routine as well as providing memories for yourself.

This application is also distributed for free so you can use it to your heart’s content even to watch live for 24 hours.

There is no problem doing this as long as your internet quota is still safe to use.

Don’t be late to try using this application, you must have this application to watch live from various countries.

Many new things, of course, you will find when you are watching this application with various live.

You are free to choose how you can find shows with a very profitable live duration.


If you have watched the live and turned into friends, you can proceed to the introduction stage and can come on a date.

With this Novo Live Apk application, you can get to the dating stage if you have an interest in doing so.

This dating can happen with the agreement of both parties who are interested in this kind of thing to be done together without coercion.

Can get the benefits desired by both parties if it is done by mutual agreement.

Because most of those who do live are beautiful girls, the audience is a lot of men who are likely to ask out on a date.

That’s the live function performed by this application, where users are not only Chinese but also Indonesians.

Reply Chat

This application also provides an opportunity for those of you who want to exchange greetings in the chat column which can be done for free.

No one is not interested in this application, with beautiful and sexy women who will accompany you during live.

For this reason, it makes you interested in doing live together with those who maintain 24 hours of time.

If you are interested, you must have this application by downloading it from the link that we will provide below.

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