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Alight Motion is a video editing application that can be used for free and is available in the mobile phone service store.

This application can be used on any type of phone, both Android and iOS users can install this application.

The features of this application are very complete, but the problem occurs in the user’s difficulty in determining the content.

Solving this problem is solved with the Preset XML Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk as a tool for editing videos.

Even though you are a person who is very blind to video editing with various presets you can create interesting videos.

You don’t have to bother learning to combine existing tools to produce very aesthetic videos.

Start by choosing which preset you will use so you can create a video that is exactly the same as the example.

As recently as being very booming is the video pause which is very popular on various social media platforms.

If you don’t provide presets that only need to include video clips or photos, not everyone can use them.

Features of Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk

Using the original application, of course, you will see very few features that are offered for you to use, very different from the premium version of the application, friend.

This Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk has all the features contained in the premium version application and of course this application is free. Want to know what features are available in this application? see below, bro.

1. Many choices of Fonts

Usually the font is one of the features that are widely used to add words or text in your editing results.

Well, with this alight motion mod apk application, you can use a large selection of fonts that match your criteria.

2. Keframe Animation

You can use this second feature to get a dramatic visual effect on the video that you edit, friend.

This will make the video you edit look cooler than the previous one, friend.

3. Visual Effects

When you create or edit videos, you have to add this visual effect so that your editing results will look more attractive.

With dozens of these visual effects, you can make videos like a professional editor.

4. No Watermark

When you use a free application, of course you will see a watermark on the side of the video that you have edited.

It’s very different if you use this Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk, you can immediately delete the watermark that is the result of your editing.

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